What’s the Deal with Managed Print Services?

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Businesses today are faced with challenges galore. Many have a deep desire to go “green,” even more not only want to improve security but need to, and all organizations regardless of vertical are constantly trying to reduce costs. When it comes to document imaging, managed print services are the cure for this trio of goals, but it can expand—coinciding with company growth—to address countless other aspects of any size print ecosystem.

Security: Do Right by Your Company

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Over the last few years, some of the world’s most well-known brands have fallen prey to massive security breaches. Credit card information and other private data have been stolen from retail companies, financial institutions, and countless smaller organizations. No matter the size of the business, the loss of information was significant, as was the financial loss, not to mention the public humiliation.

Collaboration and Conferencing Systems Enable Remote Work

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There’s a good chance your business is opening more to the possibility of remote working. Not only might forces like social distancing and sustainability be at play, but new technology is making telecommunicating easier. This blog post will discuss how collaboration and conferencing systems can help your organization enable remote work.

Benefits of a Document Management System

Document management system concept, hands on laptop with digital document icon above the keyboard
A document management system enables organizations to store, manage and track electronic documents. But why would you need one? Check out this infographic on the benefits of a DMS.

Key Questions to Ask a Managed Security Services Provider

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Managed security services are becoming a critical part of the managed IT services approach, and Central Business Systems is a prominent leader and single-source provider known for our expertise in the field. For those considering managed security for their organization, this blog post discusses some key questions you should be asking a potential service provider. If in fact you currently utilize managed IT services, it might be time you re-evaluate your current provider.

How Do You Rate Your Printer Service Technician?

Printer repair technician working on a multifunction printer
When a printer or MFP breaks down in your office, how quickly does it typically get back up and running? If you must contact a service technician, how long does it take him or her to fix the device? Are you generally satisfied with this person’s performance? This blog post will discuss ways in which service companies can better cater to customers, helping the latter group decide if their current provider is worth keeping.

Service and Support a Top Buying Factor in U.S. Companies

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Today’s companies want to be sure the products they are purchasing, including printers and MFPs, are not only reliable but able to be easily fixed in the event of an issue. This is reflected in Keypoint Intelligence research showing that service and support are the most important buying criteria for selecting a product or vendor—outside of device features.

The Changing Reality of Inkjet Printing

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Many office workers have a relatively poor view of inkjet technology in the office, driven by their past experiences with consumer inkjet printers. Indeed, inkjet technology has exhibited deficiencies compared to laser-based technology, including slower speeds, a limited feature set, and more expensive ink. But today’s business inkjet products, designed specifically for the office, are challenging these opinions of inkjet.

Not Your Average Inkjet Printer

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Today’s business inkjet printers go beyond the capabilities of home inkjets to provide faster speeds, higher duty cycles, higher paper capacities, and more. This analysis piece will explore different areas in which business inkjet printers are seeing dramatic improvements.

3 Myths of Managed Print Services

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There are usually five parts of an MPS strategy: Assessment, Presentation, Implementation, Monitoring, Optimization. Each stage has steps of its own, of course, and each provides an array of benefits. But taking into account the evolution of managed print services and the positive results it can reap not only in the present but also in the future, it’s no wonder the naysayers are always quick to both ignore facts and create fiction.