Integrated Technology Solutions and Cost Containment for Private and Charter Schools

Technology is integral to your school’s operations, both in the classroom and behind the scenes. Modern technology like interactive whiteboards and student laptops foster student engagement to optimize learning – and they have become as much a part of today’s classrooms as desks and books. Your IT system must also be designed to allow hybrid learning and online communication with students and parents, while cost-effectively supporting administrative operations and protecting the privacy of student data. 

As a one-stop shop for all technology needs for private and charter schools, we help clients make the most of their budgets while securing their sensitive data and enhancing their ability to provide engaging education services through smarter technology.

Our Services

  • Print and scan from cloud accounts. Our team can help integrate and implement classroom technology that boosts productivity. Our Sharp MFP copier solutions allow you to print content from learning platforms like Google Classroom, Microsoft Office 365 and Blackboard as well as content from personal devices.
  • Interactive whiteboards and collaboration display’s that can display content from any device or platform. Our collaboration displays engage students, while collaborating also with other staff to improve efficiencies and encourage learning from anywhere.
  • Cost containment through streamlined processes and integrated solutions for secure printing, copying, and scanning. 
  • Reduction in paper and printing costs through the digitization of processes.
  • Managed IT services for your network and databases at a budgeted monthly rate for cost predictability. 
  • Best-in-class cybersecurity services to secure student data in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other government regulations. 
  • Multi-layered printer security and ability to print content from learning platforms like Google Classroom, Microsoft Office 365 and Blackboard as well as personal devices. 
  • Streamlined communication through Unified Communications systems that provide a single, secure platform for voice, chat, video, and file sharing. 
  • Simplified access for authorized personnel to student transcripts, test scores, medical records, and more with advanced document management and user authentication via Active Directory. 

Our commitment to fanatical customer service has earned us recognition as one of the Top 100 Service Providers in the U.S. by Pro’s Elite Group. With our expertise, resources, and world-class service delivery, Central Business Systems is your trusted single-source provider in a constantly evolving workplace.