What’s the Deal with Managed Print Services?

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Business man standing at a printer, waiting for the feed to print

Businesses today are faced with challenges galore. Many have a deep desire to go “green,” even more not only want to improve security but need to, and all organizations regardless of vertical are constantly trying to reduce costs. When it comes to document imaging, managed print services are the cure for this trio of goals, but it can expand—coinciding with company growth—to address countless other aspects of any size print ecosystem.

Getting Your Feet Wet

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that most businesses have no idea how much they spend on printing, from upfront costs to recurring charges. So, generally speaking, here it is: 6 percent of an organization’s revenue is earmarked for all things document imaging. With MPS in play, though, realizing 30-percent savings on file output and related activities is entirely possible. To put that into perspective, a $10-million company could net $180 thousand in savings—an eye-opener to even the most casual observer. In turn, these newfound funds could be either used for other needs or simply applied to the bottom line.

Are You a Candidate?

There are both telltale red flags and ancillary symptoms of why businesses should engage with an MPS provider. A sampling:

  • Management doesn’t know what the total spend is on document output
  • No one can list which devices are overtaxed or underused
  • A fleet comprises multiple brands of printers and MFPs
  • Any group can obtain hardware, instead of a centralized purchasing department
  • Admins aren’t aware of how many printers are deployed—and don’t understand their cost impact
  • Usable toner and ink aren’t stored in a single location, and unusable supplies are in abundance
  • There are no print policies for users, groups or the entire organization
  • Too much waste of consumables and paper is being generated
  • Confidential files are sitting in output trays, where anybody can see them
  • IT doesn’t have the time to truly support document imaging needs

It’s Not Just Black and White

What started out as a method for service providers to keep devices up-time high and become proactive rather than reactive when issues arise has become much, much more. Still, because of the evolution of the industry, not to mention that MPS isn’t a “one size fits all” strategy, it can be a slippery slope trying to define exactly what managed print services means. Our take?

MPS is a consultative offering that helps companies solve pain points associated with a print environment—device management, document workflows, overall costs—through ongoing analysis and continuous improvements.

While it can be a daunting task to wrap your head around everything related to MPS, with such an all-encompassing definition in place, the world is truly your oyster. And as with anything that’s broad in scope and fine in detail, do your homework!

Develop organizational initiatives around your print infrastructure, identify your weaknesses, and research MPS providers—not just local companies, either—and learn what their capabilities are, what methods they use and what you can expect from them.

Putting the Managed into Focus

Although some businesses have a loosely managed print program, most lack a dedicated expert—which is precisely why an MPS provider like Central Business Systems can be beneficial to your business. Having a managed print services specialist in your arsenal brings access to better tools and several other big benefits to the table…

  • Experience and expertise in print management, support, and installation
  • One contact for document-related IT, help desk, and management of streamlined billing
  • A knowledgeable support staff dedicated to the industry
  • Service techs who can quickly resolve issues or prevent them from occurring altogether
  • State-of-the-art, automated supplies replenishment

3 Takeaways

  • Most businesses are unaware of how much money they can save via MPS
  • The opportunities that exist within managed print services range far and wide
  • An MPS specialist can help remedy both workflow and cost concerns