The Changing Reality of Inkjet Printing

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closeup of ink cartridges in an inkjet printer

Many office workers have a relatively poor view of inkjet technology in the office, driven by their past experiences with consumer inkjet printers. Indeed, inkjet technology has exhibited deficiencies compared to laser-based technology, including slower speeds, a limited feature set, and more expensive ink. But today’s business inkjet products, designed specifically for the office, are challenging these opinions of inkjet.

Why businesses do not purchase business inkjet devices

Keypoint Intelligence research has revealed that 37% of U.S. businesses do not have workgroups or departments that use business inkjet printers or MFPs (multifunction printers), and another 9% aren’t sure if they use this technology. Those who do not use business inkjets say the top reason is expensive ink; other potential reasons are a lack of speed and productivity capabilities. In addition, a good chunk of organizations just aren’t sure why they don’t like business inkjet.

What don’t you like about business inkjet?
Source: Keypoint Intelligence primary research

Source: Keypoint Intelligence primary research

But ink is becoming more affordable

While ink is often considered more expensive than toner on a cost-per-page basis, business ink printers are now in the market that can deliver a cost per page that is up to 50% lower compared to similarly priced laser printers. In other words, these inkjets are compatible with cartridges that can reduce the cost of consumables by one-half. For an organization that prints thousands of pages a week, these savings can really add up.

And inkjets are becoming faster

Many workers associate inkjet printers with slow consumer models reliant on line-by-line printing, but the reality is that today’s business inkjet technology can deliver much faster speeds as a result of core technology enhancements. For example, certain business inkjet products can deliver print speeds topping 60 pages per minute—enabled by a re-engineered print head that can print a page in a single pass. There are also other types of office inkjet products that can deliver relatively fast speeds.

And inkjets are becoming more productive

Increasingly, business inkjet devices are integrating a wide range of productivity features beyond faster print speeds—including faster copy, scan, and fax speeds; higher-capacity paper trays and ink cartridges that require less user intervention; large touchscreens that speed up walk-up tasks; and even finishing features that quicken tasks like stapling and hole punching.


Despite persistent negative opinions of inkjet technology in the office, especially when it comes to the cost of ink, newer inkjet models designed for businesses are challenging perceptions. Not only can they operate at a lower cost compared to equivalent laser-based technology, but they can achieve fast speeds and provide many of the productivity features previously reserved to laser devices.