Managed Network Services

Central's Managed Network Services
prevents issues before they become a big problem.

"Put an End to Living with the Same Problems, Stress and Unpredictable Expense in trying to manage your computer network".

If you're having IT issues constantly, or having the same problem more than once you need to stop what you are doing and think about the arrangement you have with your IT guy.  Do you pay him every time it breaks?  That could be your problem.  Let's face it, he gets paid when things break, and even though most break fix guys won't tell you, it's better for him if you have problems just infrequently enough for you to keep calling him.
Central Business Systems helps you break that ridiculous cycle as well as trying to budget for unpredictable IT problems, charges and bills.
We take care of all consulting, monitoring, support, and questions for one low flat monthly fee to resolve all of your issues.  You don't want down time, you understand time waiting for
broken computer or a compromised network is time not making money.  Downtime is expensive.
Central's Managed Network Services prevents issues before they become a big problem.
By paying a budgeted flat monthly rate for your IT support, we fix it right the first time.  It's in our interest as well as yours to make sure its fixed right the first time which aligns our business goals together.  Centrals Managed IT Services gives you the critical technical support your business needs without the expense of a full time IT staff.

Enable Your Remote Workforce with Central's Cybersecurity Solutions

With more companies being encouraged to work remotely, it's important that your workforce be supported through Managed IT Solutions that will safeguard your company, your employees, and your data.

Cybercriminals never take a break, even in trying times. In fact, during times when individuals are likely to be distracted, such as during a public crisis or a busy holiday season, bad actors tend to up their game to take advantage of their targets’ distraction.

With more employees working from home, it is important to ensure you have the IT infrastructure your employees need to work from home and that they are secured no matter where they are working from.

We offer managed services with your company, remote employees, and data’s cybersecurity in mind. It includes:
1.VPN for all requirements (client-to-site, site-to-site, and SSL)
2.Web security
3.Email security
4.Managed antivirus protection
5.Data protection
6.Remote monitoring and support

Contact us for a free consult today to learn how we can help you enable your cybersecurity needs!

Benefits of our Managed Network Services Plan at a glance:

  • Worry Free IT: with 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Issues resolved before they become a problem
  • Help-Desk Support
  • Proactive Maintenance- patches and server check-ups
  • Health Report and Security Safety check
  • Predictable Investment- one flat monthly fee
  • Incredible peace of mind
Email us now for our "FREE" Business Advisory Guide and we will send it to you immediately which will detail many of the "dirty little secrets of the computer repair industry" that most people don't know and will never be told by their IT guy. (this advisory guide alone could save you tons of money and untold aggravation regarding your computer support).

What's more is, we will provide for you a Network Health Check and Assessment (normally a $297 service) absolutely "FREE"!

This is a risk-free, get to know you service offer, with no sales pressure. Our assessment is a no-nonsense stress free way to re-evaluate your current level of IT support and related costs. Contact us today and See how you can benefit!

So go ahead and call us? We are standing by to help.

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