How Do You Rate Your Printer Service Technician?

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Printer repair technician working on a multifunction printer

When a printer or MFP breaks down in your office, how quickly does it typically get back up and running? If you must contact a service technician, how long does it take him or her to fix the device? Are you generally satisfied with this person’s performance? This blog post will discuss ways in which service companies can better cater to customers, helping the latter group decide if their current provider is worth keeping.

Quality and frequency of servicing

Different companies may want different things from their printer service technicians. That said, there are definite commonalities among companies. For instance, Keypoint Intelligence research shows that 37% of companies that use a managed print services provider chose that provider for the quality of its break/fix services. And a reduction in device breakdowns has been the top benefit of managed print services—following lower print costs.

What has been the benefit of managed print services for your organization?

Source: Keypoint Intelligence primary research

Efficient replenishment of toner/ink

Customers are also seeking a service provider that will efficiently replenish toner and ink. In many cases, the provision of printer supplies is included as part of a contract with a provider. This entity needs to ensure ink or toner arrives at the right time so that the device can stay up and running. Whether the provider sends supplies at regular intervals or when consumables have reached a certain level, a smooth and effective process must be in place.

Local company

Many clients also desire a servicing company that is locally based or has a strong presence in the surrounding community. This kind of company is perhaps more accessible should a problem arise. And it can potentially be held more accountable when issues occur. For example, a customer can more easily meet with a company owner or executive when there is cause for concern.


Companies are encouraged to periodically evaluate their satisfaction with their printer/MFP service provider. They should consider whether this company is providing adequate service and maintenance, including satisfactory break/fix assistance, supplies replenishment, and availability. Should they determine their needs are not being met, there are likely other providers serving their area they can consider for the next contract. Organizations should not settle for service that is just so-so, especially since lower-quality service can result in many lost hours of productivity.