Why Is Choosing Managed IT Services So Popular (and Practical)?

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Managed IT services

Businesses large and small are turning to managed services providers like us to handle their IT needs. This business model is called “managed IT services,” among a few other similar names.

But why has the managed IT services approach gotten so popular? And is it really a practical way to do IT?

Consider these three reasons why businesses like yours are choosing managed IT services. Could it be the practical choice for you, too?

While You May Not Be IT Experts, We Certainly Are

First up, think about what you do. What does your business make, or what service do you provide to your customers?

If the answer isn’t “IT” or something very similar, then it’s safe to say this: you aren’t all experts in IT.

We don’t mean anything negative by this, by the way: we aren’t experts in what you’re experts in, either. And that’s pretty much the point.

You may have a handful of more tech-savvy employees. But do you have a full roster of IT specialties and subspecialties at your disposal? Probably not— you’re busy hiring for other needs.

Managed IT services makes so much sense for businesses staffed by people who aren’t IT experts. We provide the experience, expertise, and guidance so you can leverage your true expertise where it’s most valuable.

IT Is Distracting You from Your Core Vision

Along the same lines, if you aren’t IT experts, then any time you’re spending on IT is time you aren’t spending on your core mission and vision.

Think about it this way. Did you get into this business to solve people’s computer problems or teach people how to use software?

We didn’t think so.

Whatever your answer to “why did you get into this business?”, wouldn’t you like to focus on that thing—not IT?

If IT is distracting you or your team from the core of what makes your business unique, then outsourcing IT to a managed services firm is the smart move.

Managed IT Makes Costs Consistent and Predictable

IT costs can be all over the place when you handle it all yourself. Some months they’re low, and then the server in the basement melts down and you’re looking at a five- or six-figure bill for April.

When you choose managed IT, your IT costs are all rolled up into one consistent, predictable monthly rate. No more budgetary surprises is a big win.

Ready to move forward and embrace a better approach to IT? Reach out to our team today to get started.

3 Takeaways

  • You aren't IT experts, and that's OK: Managed IT services gives you expert-level IT.
  • Managed IT services take away IT distractions so you can focus better on your core vision.
  • A consistent monthly IT cost makes paying for IT predictable, not spiky.