The Patriot Group and Central Business Systems: A Case Study

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HIPAA Compliance concept, medical documents with a stethoscope on top with a laptop in the background

Updated IT infrastructure from Central provided a more secure and efficient way for the Patriot Group to communicate with their customers, especially when working remotely.

Business Environment Challenges

The Patriot Group is a medical billing and revenue recovery company located in Lindenhurst, New York on Long Island. More than just a billing company, their dedicated in-house council allows them to cut through the red tape faster than other companies and provide the best possible service to their customers.

When The Patriot Group first contacted Central Business Systems, they were growing at a rapid pace and had outgrown their existing IT Infrastructure, which effectively slowed the productivity and efficiency of their day-to-day operations. There was an onsite small business server, an outdated tape backup system, and their users were operating via multiple different platforms and applications. On the front end, clients were submitting patient bills through encrypted email. If those billing files exceeded the email attachment capacity, the documents were then sent via fax or standard mail.

Business Technology Solutions

Central Business Systems upgraded The Patriot Group’s server environment to a Windows Server 2019 with little downtime to productivity. All users were then attached to the new, upgraded server.


Medical Billing


The Patriot Group


  • Seeking to upgrade existing infra structure without interruption to daily work flow
  • Solutions must be HIPAA compliant and provide and audit trail
  • Users must be able to work remotely as well as onsite with equal efficiency Solutions
  • Migrate email platform to Microsoft 365
  • Upgrade existing Firewall with an even more efficient & secure firewall solution
  • Provide users with a SonicWall VPN client to allow them to work remotely and securely

The Microsoft 365 email platform was then installed. The addition of Microsoft 365 as well as Windows 10 allowed all users to be able to operate on the same platform with the same applications. The result was a more efficient and cohesive office workflow. Users are now able to log into any computer whether onsite or remote , and retrieve their work securely.

Through Microsoft 365’s Sharepoint, customers can now submit all documentation for their billing claims all in one secure repository. Additionally, any exchange of information now happens immediately and all in one place resulting in maximum efficiency.

The upgrade to a SonicWall firewall with Global VPN further assures that the company’s users can work either onsite or remotely with equal efficiency. All connections to the office are secure and encrypted.

In addition, Barracuda’s backup system ensures that all files are backed up locally as well as remotely in Barracuda’s secure cloud solution. 6 Revisions of each file are backed up. Barracuda’s RMM Monitoring Tool then monitors all aspects of the network environment 24/7 while scanning for network faults as well as intrusion attempts. All alerts are sent directly to Central Business Systems IT Helpdesk where the issues are immediately remediated.

The Patriot Group continues to grow with Central’s scalable IT solutions and now continues to communicate with their client base more securely and more efficient than ever before.

Solutions Continued:

  • Setup secure remote document repository using Microsoft Sharepoint (included in Microsoft 365 package)
  • Setup Barracuda backup platform, including both onsite and offsite backup for disaster recovery and revision change allowance
  • Upgrade existing server to Windows 2019 server (establish roaming profiles and redundancy)
  • Monitor Network 24/7 using Barracuda RMM Solutions

“As our Medical Billing Practice continues to grow exponentially, having a proactive team of IT experts behind us as well as a virtual CIO at our disposal, allows us the tremendous peace of mind to be able to focus on our core business. The personalized service we’ve received alongside continued proactive support, high levels of expertise, and careful technology planning gives us a real competitive edge. We couldn’t run our organization properly without the latest network security technology and 24/7 monitoring, so the complete transition toward Central Business System’s Man aged IT Services was for us, a no brainer.”

- Michele Force
CEO and Founder of The Patriot Group