3 Myths of Managed Print Services

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/12/2020 - 11:49
wooden letter blocks in a pile with the word myths separated and spelled out

There are usually five parts of an MPS strategy: Assessment, Presentation, Implementation, Monitoring, Optimization. Each stage has steps of its own, of course, and each provides an array of benefits. But taking into account the evolution of managed print services and the positive results it can reap not only in the present but also in the future, it’s no wonder the naysayers are always quick to both ignore facts and create fiction.

Let’s quickly debunk three of their myths…

  • The business can’t afford MPS. Not true, as there are little or no upfront costs—and managed print services help save money faster than it could otherwise.
  • Resellers don’t have competitive programs like those offered by manufacturers. False again, as resellers are also creative at finding ways to satisfy customers—and often fulfill the requirements better.
  • Multiple vendors provide organizations with more options and keep prices competitive. Simply put, a print ecosystem is organized more efficiently under a single vision, rather than it being co-directed.

The ultimate beauty of managed print services is that the process is consultative. Continuous. Circular, like the phases of the moon, literally. Over time, your company will change: Employees and customers will come and go, and new software will revolutionize the way a business works. MPS providers like Central, can both help you keep up with technology and processes and ensure that your competition remains in your rear-view mirror.

It’s not about being connected—it’s about staying connected. Read on to get even closer to the heart of how MPS can significantly impact your company’s pursuit of saving money and enhancing operations.